Beekeeping and Swarm information


At the close of 2021, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets reinstated mandatory beekeeper registration in an effort to better manage pests and disease and communicate with beekeepers.

Please click here to register as a New York State Beekeeper: REGISTER HERE

Bee Swarms:

Do you have a bee swarm that you would like re-homed? 

Please contact these local experts for help:

Eran Colbus 716.754.3346

Derrick Darling 716.525.2673

Mark Gallo 716.525.5973

Hahn's Honeybee Haven / Tara Hahn 716.778.4304 or  716.870.6261

Nathaniel Hay 6143543285

Bethany Klimuk 716.622.3334

Bee's JAMboree

Christie Mombrea 716.751.6758 or 716.531.0451

Eddie Saleh 716.403.5255

James Tubinis 716.807.9989

Or check out the NYS Department of Ag and Markets page here: Honeybee health

Cornell Beekeeping at Dyce Lab for more information on bees and beekeeping, swarms and best practices.

Last updated May 3, 2023