Farm to School

Grades K-5 Lesson Plans

Buzzy Bee LessonBuzzy Bee Worksheet
Fruit & Vegetable Bingo LessonBingo CardsFruit & Vegetable CardsT-Chart Worksheet
Dairy Lesson
Seed to Soil Lesson
Salsa Lesson

1st Grade
Bean is a Seed LessonBean Worksheet
Beef Burger LessonMyPlate VisualColoring PageWhere Did My Hamburger Come FromAnswer Key
Exploring Maple Syrup LessonMaple Syrup Activity Sheet
Plant or Animal LessonPlant or Animal Example Food Cards 
Lettuce Lesson

2nd Grade
Eating Fiber LessonEat More Fiber Worksheet
Farmers Market Lesson$1 Fruit Buck$5 Fruit BuckApple Market SignsCustomer InstructionsFarmers Instructions; Farmers Market Signs
Stone Fruits Lesson
The Traveling Tomato LessonWorld Map
What is a Food System LessonFood System Diagram

3rd Grade
September- Apple Lesson Plan10 Apple FactsApple Blossom Questions Game
October- Grape Lesson PlanGrape Freezer Jam RecipeConcord vs SteubenGrapes SummaryGrapes Newsletter
November- Carrot Lesson PlanCarrots NewsletterCarrots Picture CardsHarvest of the Month Carrots
December- Beets Lesson PlanBeets Activities
January- Cabbage Lesson PlanFood System Connection Cards
February- Dairy Lesson Plan
March- Corn Lesson Plan
April- Food Recycling Lesson PlanCompost Bin PicsGame-Sorting CardsRecyclable Items for Game
May- Growing your own Greens LessonGrowing Lettuce Guide
June- Strawberries Lesson PlanSmoothie RecipeGroup Worksheet for Smoothies

4th Grade
Ag Careers Farmers Hat LessonWorksheet
Preserve the Harvest Lesson PlanDried Apples Recipe
Taste New York Lesson PlanWorksheetColoring BookMap of NYSTaste NY Poster Pictures
Farmers Markets Lesson Plan
Food Processing Lesson Plan

5th Grade
Juicy Oranges Lesson Plan
Ship the Chip Lesson Plan
Water LessonLab Sheet
Whole Grains Lesson PlanWhole Grains Comparison Chart
Farm to School Dinner Lesson Plan


Mollie McDonough
Farm to School Coordinator
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Last updated January 16, 2020