Recipe Commercialization Workshop

This class will review the labeling and permits necessary to sell your food product. There will be guest speakers from NYS Ag & Markets and the Cornell Food Venture Center. More information here.

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Cooperative Extension puts a wealth of useful, research-based information at your finger tips!

In addition to what you'll find here on our website, we offer free or low-cost workshops on topics that range from how to start an organic garden to making a home spending plan. Explore our links, check out our upcoming events, then give us a call or visit the CCE-Niagara offices to learn more. We're here to help, with information -- and people -- you can trust!  


Marketing Workshop

This session is an introduction to marketing, including finding your ideal customers, marketing channels, sales and promotion strategies for food products, and social media basics. Learn more here.

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Artistic Crosswalks in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has a dedicated group of champions on a mission to create safer streets around schools — one crosswalk at a time! Learn more here.

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Event Venue and Catering

Our facility rentals are affordable and we provide catering services through Donna Eick. Click here for more details, and to view our catering menu.

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4-H Enrollment

Those interested in enrolling in 4-H can find the required forms here.

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Winter Energy Tips

Heating is by far one of our biggest energy expenses. Find tips here on how you can reduce energy costs to heat your home.

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Heating with Wood

When comparing heating fuels, wood has a lot of advantages. Learn about choosing, storing and safely burning firewood on our "Heating with Wood" pages.

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Last updated April 23, 2018