Farm to School
Farm to School
Cheese Taste Test at RoyHart

Cheese Taste Test at RoyHart

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Farm to School

What is Farm to School?

“Farm to school partnerships have a proven track record of encouraging kids to eat more healthy foods and creating new market opportunities for the farmers that grow them.”

–Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Farm to School initiatives are popping up throughout New York and all over the country – in day care centers, in public and private schools, and in colleges and universities. These programs focus on featuring locally grown, healthy foods in school meals. They often also include other components such as classroom lessons on food and nutrition; visits to farms and farmers’ markets; creation of school gardens, and the support of school-based community supported agriculture (CSA) programs.

The 3 C's of Farm to School

  • Cafeteria - Serving local produce in school meals
  • Classroom - Teaching students about the importance of agriculture
  • Community - Involving the collective wisdom of the community, helping the farmers and families that live in the community gain a stronger connection to the schools through field trips, lectures, and other events.

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Last updated July 11, 2022