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Join us for a Meat Marketing Workshop!


Meat Processing and Marketing Workshop with Cornell Ag Marketing

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

This Fall, the Cornell Agricultural Marketing Research Program will offer workshops in 5 locations around Central and Western NY on meat processing and marketing topics. The series is possible through funding from the Northeast Risk Management Education program.

Consumer demand for locally raised meats, sourced directly from the farm, spiked in 2020 as consumers faced pandemic-induced grocery store shortages and price increases. Market demand remains strong as consumers appreciate the quality and value when they purchase meat from local farms. While new demand presents an opportunity for NY’s livestock farmers, selling meat direct-to-consumer also presents challenges and risks. This workshop teaches producers how to avoid and address common challenges they encounter with meat processing and direct-to-consumer meat marketing.

The Fall presentation series coincides with the release of a new Meat Processor Directory, an addition to the directory of bulk meat farm products. At the workshops, farmers will learn skills including: How to Evaluate Livestock for Ideal Harvest Timing, Livestock Handling & Delivery for Meat Quality, How to Work with your Processor, which addresses navigating difficult situations, Carcass Math Break-Down & Pricing, How Much Value does Value-added Add?, and Creating Consumer and Processor-friendly Bulk Meat Sales as well as an introduction to, the Cornell Meat Price Calculator, and the forthcoming Meat Processor Directory.

Presenters include Matt LeRoux, Extension Associate at Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and, from North Carolina State University’s meat-focused “NC Choices” program, Sarah Blacklin, Director, and Lee Menius, Technical Specialist.

The program costs $10/farm and includes refreshments.

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Price includes processing fee


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