Being Active in Niagara County


Jennifer Grier and Margaret Lapp getting the fire hydrants in Niagara Falls ready for a new coat of paint. This project will be finished in the spring.

Walking Trails and Streetscaping Improvements

Establishing or promoting the use of community trails will also provide safe and convenient places for residents to be physically active. Keep an eye on The Main Street Historic Trail and LiveNF target area in the City of Niagara Falls for changes!


Main Street

CHP has created a map for residents and visitors interested in historic Main Street and being more physically active. The map highlights attractions and historic neighborhoods along the 1.5 mile trail. This printable brochure is available in both color and gray scale.




2101 Main Plans







“CHP is working with the City of Niagara Falls Community Development, LiveNF participants, Niagara Beautification Commission, and ReNU Niagara on improvements to 3rd Street and the rest of the LiveNF target area. The Liberty Partnership youth worked on the artwork for a mural to go on 3rd St this Spring.”