Pick Niagara Local Farm & Agri-Tourism Map

Your Local Farmers are Friendly Folks!

They pride themselves in bringing you the best quality produce possible. Get to know their FACE, their PLACE and the fresh TASTE of their products!

The purpose of this map is to bring farmers and consumers together. Niagara County is a significant agricultural county in New York State. Agriculturally diverse, the county is fortunate to have many farms that sell directly to consumers, making it 5th among New York counties in retail sales. It is 1st among New York counties in peaches, sweet cherries and plum/prunes, 2nd in tart cherries and pears and 5th in apple and berry production.

The best way to keep farms part of Niagara’s landscape is to support them with purchases. Residents and tourists are able to enjoy a “feel good” experience from knowing where their food comes from and having a sense of relaxation as they seek out their favorite locally-grown food products. Travel the highways and byways to enjoy the open space and scenic views in the rural stretches of Niagara County. It’s good therapy!

This brochure lists as many farms and farm products as possible to give consumers a wide selection. Not all direct marketers have chosen to be listed. The map does not recommend one business over another. Most of these farm markets are part of small family farms. You will find friendly people who appreciate your patronage.

From spring’s first bedding plants to vegetables, berries and tree fruit… from meats to dairy products, wine and Christmas trees, you’ll find these and much more produced right here in Niagara County.

Note that all farms are listed below but some with a “bare bones” listing will not show in a category sort.  Eg.  “wine.”

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