Niagara County 4-H

How to get involved

4-H'ers sewing in the 4-H Training Center

Niagara County 4-H has many programs you can get involved with:

Enrollment cost for the Niagara County 4-H Program is $10.00 per person and program year (max of $30.00 per family). Adult volunteers are free. Every member and adult must re-enroll by November 30.

Download the forms or stop by our office to fill out all the necessary paperwork to enroll!

4-H Clubs

A 4-H club is any group of five or more youth ages 8 to 19 with at least one volunteer leader. Most clubs have additional adult leaders called “project leaders”.

Cloverbud Clubs

Cloverbud clubs are for children ages 5 to 7, with at least three members. Cloverbuds are not judged, but receive green participation ribbons. Members of these clubs work on their social skills and small motor skills.

Individual Members

Individual members are 4-H members or Cloverbuds that do not have a club affiliation. They work on projects of their choice at their own pace, with parental or adult assistance. They are encouraged to participate in county fund raisers and all county sponsored activities.

Youth may join 4-H as an individual member by filling out an enrollment form and completing projects on their own with an adult leader. Year end reports are to be completed and turned into the 4-H office, no later than the first Friday after Labor Day.

To enroll in the Niagara County 4-H program complete the New York State 4-H enrollment form and send to the Cornell Cooperative Extension office along with your enrollment fee of $10.00.

4-H Member Enrollment Form

County-wide Opportunities

Niagara County 4-H offers county-wide opportunities through-out the year, giving youth other program areas to become involved in. All animal science programs (beef, rabbits, goats, etc) are county-wide projects. Other county-wide projects that have been offered in the past have included: entomology, public presentations and pheasant rearing.

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Organizational Leader/Head – establish and maintains a club
2. Project Leader – teaches a class or classes in a single project area
3. Activity Leader – helps leaders and members during meetings and activities
4. Youth. Leader – a 4-H youth (High School Senior through age 21) that completes an independent study leadership activity under the guidance of an educator.

There is no fee to enroll as a Niagara County 4-H volunteer.

Leader Volunteer Enrollment Form


Parents are the key to making their child’s 4-H experience successful and rewarding. As a parent there are several things you can to assure your child gets the most out of their career.

1. Show an interest. Attend 4-H meetings with your child.
2. Give generously of your support and encouragement. Make time and plan to help your child with his/her projects.
3. Be patient. The 4-H slogan is “Learn by Doing”. Let your child try, try and try again.
4. Help make the experience meaningful. Read over the evaluation forms your child receives for their project, along with their ribbon. Praise the things that were done well, and help him/her understand how the can improve.