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NiagaraWorks is a workforce development program based at CCE-Niagara.



NiagaraWorks is a workforce development program is designed to provide adults will the skillset and knowledge to work in industries such as greenhouse/nurseries; tourism/culinary; buildings and grounds maintenance and landscaping/facilities maintenance.

Program Details

NiagaraWorks is a 12 week training program that takes place at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Niagara County. All participants will complete an Introduction to Horticulture training and then may choose one of two tracks: (i) Greenhouse Nursery Training with a Food Preparation/Processing component or (ii) Landscape/Grounds Maintenance Training with a Facilities/Custodial Maintenance Component. Graduates will be prepared for job placement in business including restaurants, greenhouses, nurseries, landscaping business, apartment complexes, hotels, etc. This training program is geared towards adults 18 years of age or older. Participants will engage in 240 hours of training and will receive stipends throughout the program after reaching certain milestones. Participants who successfully graduate from the program will receive a Certificate of Completion and job placement assistance.

Program Components

  • Intake Assessment
  • Supportive Referral Services
  • Skills Training in horticulture, greenhouse/nursery management, food preparation/processing, landscape/grounds maintenance, and facilities/custodial maintenance.
  • Job Readiness Soft Skills Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Entreprenuerial Skills Training
  • Career Counseling/Job Placement
  • Follow Up Services
  • Stipends

Last updated June 26, 2017