Healthy Corner Store Network

Healthy Corner Store Network

Healthy Corner Store Network

The Healthy Corner Store Network is a program that helps bring healthier food options to local residents.

The program assists corner store owners by helping them to increase their offerings to include fresh, affordable produce and increase nutritional foods in Lackawanna and Niagara Falls, where residents often do not have a grocery store nearby. Our first Healthy Corner Store Network participant, the owner of Good Deals, Sam Alsama, said “My customers are so excited that we sell healthy food now, and since joining the Healthy Corner Store Network we have more customers. I am so happy and excited to be a part of it.”

Corner stores in the free program will receive assistance with marketing and promotion of healthy foods by way of signage, banners, posters, shelf talkers, flyers on health, and other promotional items. They can also receive produce displays. Corner stores take part in a 6 week pilot to gauge community response to the healthy changes. After that, CHSC supports the store though assistance with product placement, pricing, and promotion.

If you’re a corner store owner or community member in Lackawanna or Niagara Falls, please contact us to find out how you can participate in the Healthy Corner Store Network!


Marla Guarino
CHSC Community Coordinator
(716) 299-0905 ext. 275

Last updated July 26, 2019